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To make contact or to book an appointment (either face-to-face or online) please use the form at the bottom of this page.


To telephone, ring 0131 337 8474 between 6.00 and 9.00pm on any weekday. At other times you can ring this number and leave a recorded message.


If you are writing, please address the letter to: Dr James Hawkins, 78 Polwarth Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 1NJ, Scotland.


The Clinic is at 78 Polwarth Terrace - on the corner of Polwarth Terrace and Ashley Terrace. The entrance is from the side of the house just into Ashley Terrace. A taxi ride from Waverley or Haymarket station to Polwarth Terrace takes about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the traffic. Lothian Buses 10, 27 & 38 pass close to the house.

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