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A wide-angle assessment of emotional states

3rd June 2023

My all-time favorite topic in positive psychology is the study of positive emotions. I'm fascinated by how pleasant experiences, which can be so subtle and fleeting, can add up over time to change who we become. I'm especially excited these days about investigating how positive emotions change the very ways that our cells form and function to keep us healthy.  Barbara...

Vitality project - measurement issues

22nd May 2023

                                   What gets measured, gets managed.   Peter Drucker

If one's going to put a good deal of effort into measuring and so better managing something, then it's important that what one is measuring is significant.  The earlier (and...

Background & importance of a three month vitality project

1st May 2023

                                           Energy is an eternal delight.  William Blake

About every three months, I have a day's check-in with a dear friend.  We've been doing this for two or three decades.  It combines the joy of...