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Balanced meditation practice: an overview

Taking our attention inwards can be done helpfully in so many ways.  We can relax; we can be mindfully aware; we can use visualisations; we can deeply savour present time experience; we can process difficulties from our pasts or prepare ourselves for challenges in the future.  There are so many useful ways of using our minds to help ourselves.  In the diagram below, one can think of "mindfulness' as representing "content irrelevant" - it's how we're relating to mind-body content rather than what the mind-body content is that's important.  "Exploring & processing" however is very much "content relevant" - whether one is gaining perspective by seeing what the content is and "naming" it, or seeing what the content is and learning from it (as in focusing).

More to follow ...

"Balanced meditation practice" ... linked to balanced time perspective

Four core meditation practices: "Multi-benefit breathing", "Mind-body clearing"; "Setting up the day"; and "Look-learn-leave".

Content irrelevant (mindfulness, acceptance); Content relevant (learning, moving on, trauma processing, focusing); Content increased (compassion, positive psychology); Content decreased (applied relaxation, calming skills).

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