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Organization of teratology information specialists (OTIS)

29th August 2008

Teratology is the study of the effects that drugs, medications, chemicals and other exposures may have on the unborn child during pregnancy.  Particulary when a mother is taking a medication that is helping her stay well, it can be a difficult decision whether or not to stop taking the medication because of a possible risk to the fetus ... or because of a possible risk that...

Recent research: five studies on depression – including side-effects, young people, heart attacks, and bipolar disorder

28th August 2008

Here are the abstracts of five recent research studies on depression and antidepressants.  The first confirms earlier work showing an increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding with SSRI's (particularly if also taking NSAID's).  The second highlights the potential physical survival value of screening for and treating depression in people who have suffered a heart attack.  The third and fifth...


25th August 2008

I'm gradually adding content to the 'Good Knowledge' database.  I've just put in some information on agoraphobia.  It reads: 

The US DSM IV diagnostic system describes the "essential features" of agoraphobia in the following way: "There is intense fear of, or discomfort in, settings from which escape is difficult or embarrassing, or in which help (e.g. to alleviate a...