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Fish oil and depression – take at least 1 gm of EPA daily

26th March 2008

A recent study in the British Journal of Nutrition (Rogers, Appleton et al. 2008) throws doubt on the value of fish oil supplementation as a treatment for depression. The authors stated " ... while a majority of previous trials have focused on individuals with severe depression in clinical settings and have mostly administered high amounts of n-3 LCPUFA (n-3 long-chain, poly-unsaturated...

NICE guidelines – IBS, osteoarthritis, and mental health topics

24th March 2008

The UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is "the independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on the promotion of good health and the prevention and treatment of ill health." NICE guidance applies particularly to England and Wales, but the opinions they come to are very carefully weighed up and can be of use to health professionals wherever...

Some interesting articles from February ‘08

17th March 2008

Here are details and links for a couple of dozen mainly February articles that I found interesting. Most of these articles (and many others) are also listed on my searchable Connotea online database.

Barbui, C. M. D., T. A. M. D. Furukawa, et al. (2008). "Effectiveness of paroxetine in the treatment of...