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Getting help for depression in Scotland – support groups, online & face-to-face courses, newsletter, telephone service, and more

The e-newsletter from Depression Alliance Scotland (DAS)  popped into my inbox last week.  What good work they do.  The new information that particularly caught my eye was access to an online facilitated self-help course.  The description runs: "We have a new service offering support for people to use Living Life to the Full Interactive, a computerised online self-help programme based on cognitive behaviour therapy.  You will work through a six session course and a DAS staff member will be there to offer 4 - 6 short telephone contacts on an individual basis over 6 weeks to help you get the most out of it.  Interested? Email info@dascot.org or call 0845 123 23 20"

The newsletter also mentioned a new local (to Edinburgh) face-to-face course: "Following the success of our first course in November we are running WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) again! The February course will run for 4 weeks on Tuesdays 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd from 6.30-8pm at the DAS offices in 11 Alva Street, Edinburgh. The course is free and open to all.  WRAP or Wellness Recovery Action Planning is a 'self-management' tool used in many countries around the world to help people take more control over their own wellbeing and recovery.  Places are limited. Book online or call 0845 123 23 20."

All this complements DAS's network of local depression support groups around Scotland.  Click here  to see what's available.  The DAS website itself provides lots of helpful information and links.  The section About depression includes much good advice including a topical page on Winter depression/Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  See too a further very relevant resource on Depression at Christmas time.  There's a section too on Depression in the later years  and a sister website for young people - Look OK ... feel crap?   

DAS's links page provides a great list of depression support websites around the world as well as links for more specific aspects of depression.  For details of DAS's telephone helpline, email service and free mailed information packs, see their Services page.  There are also a series of downloadable publications and you can subscribe to their email newsletter and quarterly newsletter.  Good stuff, a much needed service, and well worth supporting.


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depression and anxiety

I am 28 female I have a 7 year old son. I'm on antidepressants. I feel like a failure useless I feel repulsive don't want to go out. Cry all the time I don't tell or let anyone know how I feel. I just smile I feel alone unwanted and unloved I keep saying I'm a bad mum and my son deserves a better and pretty er mummy.i just want to cry and sleep I hate myself.

Depression And Anxiety

Hi Charise ... I think the services provided by Depression Alliance (now Action on Depression - http://www.actionondepression.org/) here in Scotland, and by similar organisations in other countries can be a really helpful resource. Do please try making contact with a group like this ... and with your doctor or whoever has prescribed you the antidepressant. With all best wishes for you, James