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Some interesting articles from January ‘08

2nd February 2008

Here are details and links for a couple of dozen January articles that I found interesting. Most of these articles (and many others) are also listed on my searchable online Connotea database.

Adam, J. G., R. Rick, et al. (2008). "A Randomized Controlled Trial of D-Cycloserine Enhancement of Exposure Therapy...

Both negative & positive emotions can be functional or dysfunctional

30th January 2008

Unpleasant, negative emotions can be highly functional. For example, anxious hypervigilance in a dangerous situation can keep me on my toes, very aware of potential threats and more able to react rapidly and appropriately. Healthy anger when I am being taken advantage of can help me respond strongly and assertively to protect my rights. In her book "Productive & Unproductive...