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7th March 2018

I'm due to give a talk at the "Cosca Ethics Seminar" in a few hours.  The title is "Do therapists get wiser with experience - or just repeat the same old mistakes?".  The 52 slides make quite a large file to download.  I've put them on Dropbox, so here's the Dropbox link to them as a downloadable...

23rd February 2018

These home practice suggestions link with the fifth session of the Compassion, wisdom & wellbeing training.  There are seven requests for this next week.  

1.)  Please would you glance back at the handouts from the fifth session of the course & jot down further thoughts/feelings on this week's...

22nd February 2018

A sense of meaning, connection to our values and real engagement in what we do are crucial to nourish high wellbeing in our lives … and then high wellbeing feeds back to help us be more vital & effective in what we do.  But it’s important too to ‘smell the flowers’ on our journey.  Excessive focus on being happy is likely to be counter-productive...