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Update on website traffic: nearly a quarter of a million page views last year

This blog went live on 8th October 2008.  In the nearly three & a half years from then up until today, the blog & website (particularly the Good Knowledge section) have had 155,178 hits and 579,356 page views from 171 countries.  The average visitor views about 4 pages on the site.  The chart below illustrates the growth in traffic over the first three years (to 7th October 2011):

chart of website traffic

As I'd expect, most visitors come from the UK and, to some extent from the US:

uk & us visits 

And of the other 169 countries that visited, the front runners are understandably mostly English speaking (thank you to the interest from Sweden too!):

other countries 

Isn't it fun what you can learn from Google Analytics and totally great that this site seems to be of increasing use.  See too tomorrow's related post "Update on website traffic: the ten most popular blog posts"

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