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Update on website traffic: the ten most popular blog posts

I wrote yesterday about the how visits to this blog/website have grown over the last three years.  Currently Google Analytics lists 14,012 pages on this combined blog & website, and more are being added every week.  Gosh, that's an awful lot of pages to choose from.  I have gradually been accumulating the "Handouts, questionnaires & other leaflets" in the "Good knowledge" section of the website for many years, and this is the most visited section of the site.  It's great.  I have put hundreds of hours into writing these handouts & questionnaires, so I'm very pleased that they are helpful way beyond the many clients that I personally have used them with.  

The blog is much more recent.  It went live in the autumn of '08, although I had been quietly writing posts (but not making them available on the internet) since January 2008. This meant that when the blog went live in October there was already a good deal of material available for site visitors to explore.  I've written approximately ten to a dozen posts monthly since - so there's an archive of over 500 posts on this site. The "Tag cloud" and "Search box" provide ways of exploring what's available.

When I wrote yesterday's post about website traffic, I thought it would be fun to use Analytics to see which blog posts had been most accessed by site visitors.  The top pages are available in the "Good knowledge" section - examples include "Panic, OCD & depersonalization information & assessment", "Increasing access to psychological therapies (IAPT) outcomes toolkit", "GAD & health anxiety", "PTSD assessment, images, memories & information" and "Problem solving & behavioural activation".  Also something of a rip-roaring success is the online "Autogenic relaxation training" course.

What about individual blog posts though?  Older posts have something of a head start here as they have been available to visit for a good deal longer than more recent posts.  Accepting this uneven playing field, here are ten particularly popular ones:

  1. "The bus driver metaphor" which can be such an easily-remembered orientating tool as we commit to live life by our personal values & priorities even though we are, at times, in danger of being distracted by fears, rumination & self-doubt.   
  2. Blog post on "Emotions, schema & personality" which links with the "Good knowledge" section "Emotions, feelings & personality" page.
  3. The section on "Interpersonal group work" with its links to a full eight session course description.
  4. The series of three posts starting with "Barbara Fredrickson's recent research on loving-kindness meditation (first post)".  This study is still one of the best done and most interesting in this field.
  5. Posts on "Self-determination theory" which link to the broader "Good knowledge" section "Wellbeing, time management & self-determination"
  6. "Recent research: CBT for a variety of conditions - back pain, PTSD, obsessions, bipolar disorder, schemas & social anxiety" - looks at half a dozen important, still relevant research papers.
  7. "Generalized anxiety disorder: should applied relaxation be the first line psychological treatment?" - interestingly this post pre-dated by a number of months the subsequent NICE guideline which made much the same point (easy to forget with our current focus on mindfulness).  See "New NICE guidance on the treatment of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder (with or without agoraphobia)".
  8. "Recent research: egosystem & ecosystem" - I'm glad this blog post has been accessed so much.  It's an introduction to the work of Professor Jennifer Crocker and her fascinating findings on the importance of compassion for others (a good complement to the considerable research interest in self-compassion).
  9. "Assessing attachment in adults" is quite a detailed blog post about this interesting & helpful area.  It provides links to various relevant questionnaires.
  10. "Different kinds of group, different kinds of friendship" - I'm so pleased (and a little surprised) that this post has been read so often.  It seems to me a good mix of personal sharing, links to research and relevance for stress resilience & wellbeing.

Tomorrow I'll write about "Update on website traffic: my own favourite top 15 (1-5): mindfulness, compassion, embodied cognition, attachment, and willpower".

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