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How to live well: 10th meeting - review & next steps


"When I get to heaven, they will not ask me 'Why were you not Moses?'.  They will ask 'Why were you not Susya?  Why did you not become what only you could become?'"                    Susya, a Hasidic rabbi

"Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new."                                                                                                                                                                Ursula Le Guin

Here are notes on the tenth & last session of the "How to live well - a shared explorationtraining.  Comments on the ninth session can be found at "How to live well: 9th meeting - social identity theory, strength of weak ties & Fredrickson's emotional resonance".  It would be interesting & helpful to revisit the assessment measures you've used - see "How to live well - a shared exploration: course questionnaires".  These online measures are primarily focused on levels of personal well-being and we've also used the 10-item ReQol as a quick sampling of level of ill-being.  The slide below charts the journey we've been on over the 10 sessions of this training:

And here are links to the previous 9 sessions themselves: 1st evening - values, self-determination theory, roles & goals2nd evening - mindset, motivation, positive emotions, exercise & sleep; 3rd evening - willpower, wooping, diet & dependencies4th evening - coping with difficulties, the mindbus, compassion, mindfulness & reappraisal5th evening - positivity, savouring & gratitude6th evening - work, balance, practice, strengths & goals7th evening - relationships, roles, Dunbar, needs & dyads8th evening -  nourishing relationships, conflict & wisdom, and attachment9th evening - social identity theory, strength of weak ties & Fredrickson's emotional resonance ... and now we're at our final 10th evening - review & stepping forward.

The excellent ENHANCE programme, that has had considerable influence on the design of this "How to live well - a shared exploration" course, had a three month follow-on segment added to the initial concentrated weekly session segment of the programme.  We'll do the same.  Participants are asked to decide as a group (through a vote) the three most important constructs they would like to continue focusing on, supported by three monthly emails that I'll send out to everyone (containing additional information & suggestions).  Additionally each of us individually will choose three further elements that we would also like to focus on.  We'll move into pairs or small groups of three, share our intentions and then support our partners in these plans via email or other contacts in a fortnight and then at least twice more at further monthly intervals. 

This means each of us should be continuing to pay attention to half a dozen course components - three selected by the group as a whole, and an additional three selected by each of us individually.  We should all also continue to get fortnightly support over the next three months ... three contacts via our partners and three via me.  Here are downloadable handouts to aid this process - "Description of course components & follow-up sequence", "Overall course reflection sheet", and an adaptable "Follow-up intentions record".  Some of you may also want to come for 'formal', one-to-one, follow-up sessions with me, and some of you may choose to keep supportive contact with each other in the medium to long term.  Whatever helps us flourish more fully in our lives, and for those around us, is worth considering.  Remember the central message of the programme is about living with Spine & Heart. 



It's so worthwhile to look at these issues ... now and regularly into the future.  Good luck with the adventure of your lives ... and thank you all for the shared journey so far.


(Here are details & dates for a further "How to live well - a shared exploration" course due to run next year).


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