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Handouts & questionnaires for increasing access to psychological therapies (IAPT) outcomes toolkit, an upgrade

Over nearly 35 years of practice as a doctor and psychotherapist I've assembled a collection of 300 to 400 handouts and questionnaires that I use in my work.  I'm gradually uploading most of these handouts to this website so people can use any that they'd like to.  The collection is searchable in the Good Knowledge section of the site at Handouts, questionnaires and other leaflets.  Of the twenty two subsections on this part of the website, one of the more frequently visited areas is the Increasing access to psychological therapies (IAPT) outcomes toolkit.  This is a pretty full hand of cards for the recommended IAPT assessment measures.  I've recently updated the list of downloadable questionnaires available by including:

Panic/Agoraphobia, the Mobility Inventory - this version of the Chambless mobility inventory from the UK Institute of Psychiatry's Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma site is scored on the basis of total ratings for being alone and being with other people.

Phobia, the Fear Questionnaire - advice on accessing this questionnaire is given on page 12 of the IAPT downloadable PDF which mentions the article by Cox, B.J., Parker, J.D., Swinson R.P. Confirmatory factor analysis of the Fear Questionnaire with social phobia patients. The British Journal of Psychiatry (1996) 168: 497-499.  In fact the Fear Questionnaire is detailed in a still earlier article: Marks, I.M. and Matthews, A.M. Brief standard self-rating for phobic patients.  Behavior Research and Therapy (1979) 17: 263-267. [Abstract/Full Text]

... and extending the HAI options:

Health anxiety inventory (HAI) - this is the 18 item (short form) HAI.  The third page of the download gives typical scores for a Health Anxiety group, a more general anxiety group, a control group, and so on.  The Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma website also provides freely downloadable copies of the short form of the HAI scored for a week or a month and the long form of the HAI also scored for these two different time frames.


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