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Handouts & questionnaires for self-determination theory (SDT), an upgrade

I'm a big fan of self-determination theory (SDT).  I've posted before on SDT.  See, for example, the September post from last year with its links to a lecture I've given and to a number of handouts.  See too Wellbeing, time management & self-determination in the website's Good Knowledge handouts section.

I have now added a series of three questionnaires - with relevant background information - to the Good Knowledge handouts.  The questionnaires are downloaded, and reformatted, from the excellent Self-Determination website at www.psych.rochester.edu/SDT .  They are:

Basic need satisfaction scale - this 21-item scale assesses how well the three basic psychological needs for autonomy, competence & relatedness are being met. 

Basic need satisfaction background - this is a handout giving some useful background to self-determination theory and the need satisfaction scale.

Work need satisfaction scale - a further 21-item scale adapting the basic need scale to the work environment.

Relationship need satisfaction scale - a 9-item scale assessing satisfaction of autonomy, competence & relatedness needs in a chosen relationship such as with a partner, friend, parent, or child.  The scale can also be used for assessing one's relationship network in general.

Relationship need satisfaction background - a handout giving background to self-determination theory and the relationship need satisfaction scale. 


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