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Recent research: articles from summer 2015 journals

I read a lot of research.  When I find an article of particular interest I download it to my bibliographic database - Endnote - which currently contains well over 22,000 abstracts.  I also regularly tweet about emerging research, so following me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ (click on the relevant icon at the top of this web page) will keep you up to speed with what I'm finding interesting.  Additionally you can view this highlighted research by visiting Scoop.it (click on the "it!" icon at the top of the page).  At Scoop.it, I stream publications into five overlapping topic areas: Cognitive & General Psychotherapy, Depression, Compassion & Mindfulness, Healthy Living & Healthy Aging, and Positive Psychology. Here you can scan through abstracts (and my comments), follow hyperlinks to the original research papers, and search by keyword (click on the funnel icon or in the tag cloud on the relevant Scoop.it topic pages).

Every couple of months or so, I also provide overviews of this research - sign up for the newsletter to receive this information regularly (see the link at the bottom of this page).  Clicking on the topic heading Cognitive & General Psychotherapy downloads a hyperlinked PDF list of 36 good recent research articles (mostly from journals published in May & June of this year).  There is so much of value here.  If you're a therapist do please look at these studies.  There are a series on the central importance of the therapeutic alliance, as well as several on the value of technical aspects of therapy.  There's a fascinating paper by Lee & Harvey highlighting that client memory of points made in therapy seems to link to outcome (another reason for encouraging summary & reflection sheets and session recordings), and there's a ground-breaking paper by Markowitz challenging the guideline-emphasised assumption that trauma-focus is crucial for successful psychotherapy of PTSD.  Click on Depression for an overlapping list of 30 relevant studies (this covers medication too)  These include a couple of papers by Finkelstein on worrying findings about follow-up suicide risk following recovery from deliberate self-poisoning, and one by Rudd suggesting brief preventive CBT might be useful here.  Also worrying is the challenging finding by Tajika on poor replicability of highly cited psychiatry research papers.  There's a good article too by Okuda on the potential value of screening for anger problems.  The Compassion & Mindfulness link brings 22 recent abstracts.  There are a series of interesting mindfulness meta-analyses, a paper by Kearns challenging mindfulness-mediated rumination reduction as the key mechanism in MBCT's depression relapse-prevention.  There are also fascinating new publications on self-compassion, on forgiveness, and on attachment.  Clicking on Positive Psychology downloads abstracts and links to 26 good papers including Birkeland's study on harmonious & obsessive passion for work, Brown's findings on variety of (cultural & other) activities & life satisfaction, a pair of studies by Chen on need satisfaction, de Groot's fascinating research suggesting that people's happiness is broadcast to others partly via smell, and many other new discoveries.  Finally, the Healthy Living & Healthy Aging link brings details of 40 articles. These include three papers on diet, Zunick's good advice about building on success experiences, Saito's large study showing coffee drinking reduces mortality, Hilimire's fascinating paper on fermented foods & social anxiety reduction, and Ganna's UK Biobank research with its link to a free life expectancy calculator at www.ubble.co.uk.   

So much fascinating & helpful information here.  Remember you can always search these & earlier studies using keywords on James's Scoop.it pages.

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