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Compassion, wisdom & wellbeing training: 8th session, taking the learning on into our lives

At our eighth & last session of the Compassion, wisdom & wellbeing trainingwe reviewed the journey we've been on together over the last couple of months.  We looked at what each of us personally had found most interesting & valuable.  The weekly reflection sheets that we'd filled in could make it easier to remember the variety of areas we've explored.

So in the first session of the training I introduced the research-based, state-of-the-art paper "ENHANCE: Design and rationale of a randomized controlled trial for promoting enduring happiness & well-being" and subsequent work over the course has been strongly guided by these ideas.  Kirsty talked about the Stanford University 8 week Compassion cultivation training which we have also followed over the last two months.

A somewhat updated version of the course outline I had listed at the first meeting involved - 1st evening:  Values, Self-Determination Theory, 12-Breath Practice, Compassion Cultivation; 2nd evening Roles & Goals, Implementation Intentions, Compassion (this latter is a major theme running through all 8 evenings); 3rd eveningIdentification & Use of Personal Strengths; 4th eveningCoping with Distressing/Negative Emotions (MindBus, Self-Compassion, Wisdom), Personality, Changing Life Satisfaction; 5th eveningSavouring/Gratitude for Welcomed/Positive Emotions (Positivity Ratio, Appreciations, Ta-Da's, Coming to Our Senses);  6th evening: Intimacy/Close Relationships (Affect Dyad Exercises, Conflict, Wise Reasoning) ; 7th eveningMapping Our Social Networks (Dunbar's 5-15-50-150 Model - see too the Book Project's chapter on Social Networks), Fredrickson's Micro-Moments; 8th eveningReview & Next Steps.  As already mentioned, Compassion Cultivation Training was included in every evening.

Kirsty taught the last sequence of the compassion cultivation meditation Participants were then encouraged to complete a full course reflection sheet as well as filling in a course feedback sheet.  People then convened in the small support groups, that have run throughout the course, to look at how to support each other taking this work forward.

For anyone interested there will be two further courses that overlap with what we have covered in this 8 week Compassion, wisdom & wellbeing training.  As from late May, Kirsty & Stewart Mercer (an expert colleague) will be running a 6-session, up to 12-person Compassion, wisdom & wellbeing group - click here for further details.  From the start of September, James will be running a 10-session, up to 8-person Wellbeing, relationships & lifeskills group - click here for further details.

A good journey ... many thanks to Kirsty & to all the course participants.


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